Why Target Stroke?

  • Large Unmet Medical Need
  • Huge Economic Burden
  • Quantifiable Patient Gains

Large Unmet Need: Stroke is a leading cause of death and disability in the US and across the globe. There are over 100 million stroke survivors globally and 7 million in the US. In the US, there are 800,000 new strokes each year, of which 76% survive.

This is not just a disease of the elderly, with 22% of survivors under age 50, and 67% under age 70. The rise in younger stroke patients reflects increases in hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes, and other underlying health issues.

Huge Economic Burden: The negative impact on healthcare, productivity, and employment costs global society $450 billion, and, in the US, costs exceed $50 billion annually (CDC statistics). One in four adults will suffer a stroke in their lifetime.

Current neural-rehabilitation therapies (repetitive physical exercises, brain stimulation, and others) are statistically proven to work, but the clinical results are limited. Most patients still have mobility, speech, cognition, or other serious impairments, resulting in lower quality of life and/or loss of functional independence.

Ischemic Stroke

Blood Clot - Blood vessels clogged or narrowed. Oxygen+ nutrients stopped. Nerve cells die or damaged. Most common form of stroke. 

 *World Stroke Organization

Hemorrhagic Stroke

Brain Bleeding - Artery breaks and bleeding flows into brain and around the brain. Bleed-compresses brain, causing damage. Often more deadly.

Quantifiable Patient Gains: NIV has engineered a combinational drug to expand the period of neuroplasticity that the brain has naturally to remodel, rewire, and recovery after injury to the brain.

There are well established and medical recognized tests to quantify the improvement in patients as they progress through rehabilitation. Using physical exercises (or locality specific therapies) to guide the neuroplasticity / changes in the wiring of the brain, NIV-001 allows patients to optimize their rehabilitation, because their lives are waiting for them.