About Us

Neuro-Innovators is a veteran team of neurotech scientists, physicians, and executives who understand the risks and challenges of bringing neurologic drugs to market.

Our goal is to efficiently commercialize novel compound drugs engineered to enhance our brain’s neuroplasticity. 

We have assembled an experienced team of scientists, pharmacologists, clinicians, and businesspeople with decades of experience in the neurosciences. We have designed and are executing a capital efficient, go-to-market strategy for our first drug, NIV-001, which we expect to greatly improve the effectiveness of chronic stroke rehabilitation.

Board of Directors

Howison Schroeder

Co-Founder & CEO
Experienced Neurotech executive with a background in finance and medical devices. Howison started Neuro Innovators in 2021 after seeing an opportunity to use his expertise to bring more effective neuro drugs to the market.

Mark Cochran, Ph.D.

Chief Operating Officer
Extensive background in life sciences spanning the value chain of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries at Johns Hopkins Medicine, NeuroVentures Capital, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, MicroBix Biosystems, iFabric, MicroGeneSys Inc, NIH.

Lieut. Col. (ret.)
Peter Doyle, M.D.

Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer
Currently serves as the Associate Medical Director at Tufts University, Dr. Doyle previously worked for Northeastern University as well as spending time treating neurological conditions in veterans with the National Guard

Blynn Shideler

Co-Founder & IP Counsel
A veteran IP lawyer, Blynn’s extensive experience as a patent examiner with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) gives him an edge. According to his colleagues he has the ability to quote patent rules from memory.

Multidisciplinary Team

Ian Reynolds

VP Drug Development

Aura Kullman

VP Clinical Studies

Matt Burlando


Chris Doyle

Medical Advisor

Scientific Advisory Board

George Wittenberg, M.D., Ph.D.

Board Member

John Lazo, Ph.D.

Board Member